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Braniff Graduate School of Liberal 艺术s

Graduate education for a renewed generation of scholars.

The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal 艺术s is committed to the recovery and renewal of the Western heritage of liberal arts and the Christian intellectual tradition. Each area of study is informed by a unique sense of paiedeia, the education of the soul, which attends to the person as a whole.
The Braniff Graduate School confers doctorates, master’s degrees and certificates in academic, artistic and professional disciplines.



The 云顶集团 grants all doctoral degrees through the Institute of Philosophic 研究(IPS). The IPS offers a single PhD degree with three possible concentrations: literature, philosophy or politics. No other university offers an interdisciplinary PhD with a core curriculum in which students of different fields participate as a 社区.
Characterized by a deep dedication to the creative process, graduate programs in art at the 云顶集团 pair the study of visual art with disciplined studio practice. UD offers both the intermediate MA and the terminal MFA in art. 学生集中注意力 in ceramics, painting, printmaking or sculpture.

Along with programs in the traditional humanities, the 云顶集团 offers master’s degrees in psychology, education and ministry.

The 云顶集团 offers several 18-credit hour certificate programs in ministry 和教育. Though certificate programs are designed to accommodate working professionals seeking to improve as ministers or teachers, students may also work toward most certificates 全职.



Father Rafael Ramirez teaches class


Michelle Cortez Gonzales
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers 3
威廉Stigall, MD, MA ’09 | Chief Re搜索 Officer, Cook Children’s Medical Center

“哲学 is absolutely essential to the practice of medicine. I don't know how those without a background in philosophy do it.”

Michelle Cortez-Gonzales, MFA ’20 | National Endowment for the 艺术s Grant Recipient

“The faculty at UD are deeply passionate about their work and the work their students 正在做的.”

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, MTS ’00 | Author, Evangelist

“UD changed the way I thought about my faith, about the Mass; it changed the way I thought about my diaconal ministry; it really laid a very strong foundation in my life for everything that I’m doing today.”

詹姆逊泰勒, PhD ’07, 政治 | Coauthor, Mississippi Gestational Age Act

“I wouldn’t have been as effective in this work had I not gone to UD. 是在特拉华大学 where I learned how to dialogue with people who have different thoughts and beliefs.”

丽贝卡•谢弗, MH ’23 | School Head, Covenant School

“The program strengthened my faith as well as my love for learning. d提供什么? 真的很特别.”

Matthew Mehan, PhD ’14 | Associate Dean, Van Andel School of Government, Hillsdale 大学

“The 云顶集团 is the finest continuation of the Catholic tradition of university 西方教育.”